Temporary change to school uniform

For the remainder of this academic year we are operating a non uniform policy.  Please note the temporary change to school uniform from the start of the new academic year in August 2020 until October 2020 half term. Click on the link below for more details:



The Governors of the Heath Lane Academy support the view that uniform shall be worn. All children are therefore expected to wear the uniform which is kept as simple and inexpensive as possible. 

Uniform can be purchased from School Wear Solutions.

  • Polishable Black Shoes
  • Plain black tailored trousers or Heath Lane black skirt
  • Plain white shirt (with stiff collar - must be tucked in)
  • School Tie
  • Plain black ‘V’ neck jumper
  • Dark black/navy socks or tights
  • Heath Lane Blazer (no cardigans are allowed to be worn in school)

Make-up should be natural and minimal.

No extremes of hair style. Hair should be of a natural colour.

The wearing of jewellery is NOT allowed except for a watch and one small pair of stud earrings (the ONLY exception to this is the Kara steel bangle which may be worn by practising members of the Sikh religion.)

For Health and Safety reasons jewellery or piercing is not allowed in PE lessons and long hair must be tied back for PE, Science and Design practical lessons.

Denim is not acceptable. Outdoor clothing must be removed inside the school building.

Caps/hats are not permitted.

Nails should be short and nail polish MUST be ‘nude’ or french manicure only. False nails and eyelashes are not permitted.

Tattoos are not allowed - Any tattoos reported will be followed up in line with our safeguarding policy.

Students need basic writing equipment and a bag, and we expect parents to provide these.

Students excused from PE 

If students are excused from taking part in PE lessons they must still bring their kit to change into so they can referee, coach or take part in some other way.

  • Trainers
  • Heath Lane polo shirt and shorts
  • Black football socks
  • Football boots
  • Reversible Heath Lane rugby shirt
  • Shin pads/mouth guards and protective clothing as necessary
  • Optional Heath Lane joggers
  • Trainers
  • Heath Lane polo shirt and shorts/skort
  • White ankle socks and long black hockey/football socks
  • Hockey/Football boots (optional)
  • Reversible Heath Lane rugby shirt 
  • Shin pads/mouth guards and protective clothing as necessary
  • Optional Heath Lane joggers
  • Team kits are available for use in matches on loan from the school.
 To be decided by PE staff:
  • In adverse weather black or navy 'skin' type top may be worn (plain only).
  • Football boots and other specialist footwear will be advised by the PE team. 

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