Vision and Ethos

At Heath Lane Academy, we aim high and expect high standards of behaviour and academic effort from all of our pupils. We want pupils to feel happy about what they can achieve.

We believe our pupils should be good to one another, develop responsibility and be self-disciplined. Pupils know that success needs hard work, however we also ensure that pupils who are struggling to keep up receive the help and support they need to catch up from our teachers.

We are seeking to create an environment where we are all working to make children’s lives better and futures brighter. The goal is always that excellent behaviour and excellent learning should be second nature, it should simply be the way that we are. This is a mind-set that we want all our pupils to have, not just at school, but for the rest of their lives.

At Heath Lane, pupils are encouraged to be active participants in the whole community, the feel connected. They know how lucky they are, and they are encouraged to think about those who are less fortunate. We want our pupils to be compassionate, considerate and kind, always looking after those who haven’t been given the same opportunities.

We believe wholeheartedly in building lasting relationships with our pupils, and we hope when they have left us at the end of year 11, that they will return to visit, to talk to the next generation.

Gold Library Award

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