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StudentFolder, is a School Centred Assessment and Learning Environment

StudentFolder was conceptualised 3 years ago by Jenny Andrews, the company’s Managing Director who has a strong background in computer programming, science and law. Jenny put her varied skillset to the test when creating a viable alternative to the commonly misplaced paper planner, a compulsory school resource, in the form of an advanced electronic organiser for educational usage.

“The idea came about when my daughter kept forgetting to bring her academic diary to class,” Jenny explained. “She would, however, always remember her mobile phone, so I decided to address the issue by converting bulky paper planners into an effective app combining all of the necessary features. We have taken into account the fact that some children don’t have mobiles, and have subsequently made an online version that can be accessed using computers at a school library or at home.”

StudentFolder essentially bridging the gap between traditional hard copy documentation and full scale Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), StudentFolder maximises productivity and organisation for students, teachers, parents and administrators.

StudentFolder uses an engaging social media style interface that incorporates elements from popular Social Media platforms. This in turn makes the app easy to navigate, ensuring great usability for people of different ages and abilities.

Students can comment on Homework and other posts to feedback to Staff and other Class Members to allow them to engage with each other about the topics they are studying to help each other to be the best they can be.

Parents and Carers can view their child’s homework and timetable as well as receiving alerts via push notifications for important events and urgent announcements for both themselves and their children, keeping them up to date at all times. Where a school permits, Parents and Carers can also use the mobile app to automatically report child absence.

Teachers can use StudentFolder to set, upload, review and mark homework, access and update timetables, send announcements, and allocate resources (files, videos and web links). Schools can also use StudentFolder to allow Students to self-assess and feedback to Teachers to enagage in learning.