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Family Learning Opportunities 

At Heath Lane Academy, we are committed to supporting the community and family in joint learning, we are going to be hosting Family Learning Opportunities over the next year. To start off with we are running 3 workshops on Online Safety. The dates are :


Thursday 17th November – Social Media – Is my child safe?


This workshop will focus on Social Media, including but not limited to SnapChat, Instagram, KIK Messenger and Facebook. We will look at Fake Profiles, Sexting and the Law, Inappropriate Content and methods to keep your child safe.


Thursday 24th November – Cyberbullying – A new virus

This workshop will cover what is cyberbullying, what counts and what doesn’t. We will also look at variations of cyberbullying from Trolling to Online abuse, and what signs to look out for.


Thursday 1st December – Safe Searching – The Online Evil

This workshop covers filtering, firewalls, safe searching and how to keep your data safe. This is more practical demonstration on how to set-up firewalls and protect your child, at home and outside.