Tracy Watts

LGB Link Governor for Post 16, Transition and CEIAG, E-Safety

Tracy joined the new LGB in August 2016 having previously been a Governor at the William Bradford Academy.

Tracy is employed by a banking firm in cyber intelligence and brings her financial knowledge and knowledge of balanced scorecards, performance management, business skills and leadership. Her hobbies include gardening and theatre.

Kate Adair (Chair)

LGB Chair, Link Governor for SEN, Pupil Premium

Kate was appointed to the new LGB in August 2016. Kate has a background working in Human Resources, predominately within the oil industry and subsequently combined general HR consultancy with career management consultancy

Kate was previously a Governor at William Braford Academy for four years

She joined the LGB to participate in the development at Heath Lane as a successful 11-19 Academy drawing on the greatest strengths from the two schools and to ensure the continued improvement in student outcomes particularly for key groups such as the most able, pupil premium and SEND students.

Kates experience in change management and the challenges presented by the merger of the two schools. Experience in providing both effective support and challenge to the Principal and Senior Leadership Team with specific skills in Performance Management, student data monitoring and analysis and gaining feedback from students on their learning experience. Her hobbies include Zumba, cinema English Heritage and History

Kathy Ayriss

LGB Link Governor for Progress and Attainment and HA students

Kathy was appointed to the LGB in August 2016. Her professional experience are in the field of logistics and Science.

Kathy was previously a parent Governor at the William Bradford Academy. Her motivation in joining the LGB is to support the local school using her local knowledge.

Her interests are the arts and crafts through technology including machine embroidery, knitting and graphics design.

Wendy Martin

LGB Vice-Chair, Link Governor for Safeguarding, LAC

Wendy was appointed to the LGB in August 2016. She was a solicitor, no longer practising and had been Chair of the Leicester Early Help Review Panel for 4 years.
Wendy has been a Governor for 24years, she has been Chair of Governors for Keyham Lodge Special School for the last 2 years and is Chair of Dovelands Primary School.

Wendy wanted to join the LGB because of her involvement in school amalgamation and her experience in the problems that can arise. She has had experience of dealing with a wide range of issues including staff grievances, disciplinary matters, complaints, Ofsted inspections, finance appointments, negotiations, community relations, partner involvement and working with unions. She has also had Governor responsibility for special needs students.

Emma Merry

Emma was appointed to the LGB on its inception in August 2016 in her capacity as Principal of the Heath Lane Academy.

Emma has been a school leader in 4 different schools/ academies contributing significantly to their improved outcomes. She was also the chair of the Hinckley and Bosworth behaviour partnerships for 3 years. Emma was the interim Principal at William Bradford Academy from September 2014 and was involved with the previous William Bradford Community College LGB from 2009 to 2013, her role also involved SENCO and curriculum.

Emma wants to ensure and support positive and productive school improvement and outstanding progress for all.

Emma’s strengths are strategic planning and evaluating and reviewing to provide a positive/safe outstanding education for all.
Her hobbies are mountain biking, kayaking, sprint triathlon, reading and cani cross

Tim Render

LGB Link Governor for Teaching and learning

Tim also joined the LGB in August 2016 have previously served on the Heathfield Academy and the William Bradford Academy LGB’S. He is also a member of the Hartshill School and a Director of MAT as well as a number of other Governor roles in 14 years in Further Education and 7 years in schools.

Tim is a retired Finance Director who has key skills in finance, property, performance management and management of complex organisations.

His hobbies include Classical Music and his grandchildren

Mick Smith

LGB Link Governor for Behaviour, Attendance, Exclusion/Anti Bullying Lead

Mick joined the new LGB in August 2016 having previously served on the Heathfield Academy and the William Bradford Academy LGB’s.

Mick currently work in data analysis and managed large teams and also worked in the IT industry as a systems consultant on a large project.


Mick joined the LGB to see the ongoing development of the new academy through to success as he was a part of the original visioning committee as a youth worker for the C of E. Mick believes that it is important to see the new community of Earl Shilton and Barwell start to blossom and the new academy will give them this opportunity.

Mick brings Leadership, the ability to make decisions and community knowledge to the LGB.


Lisa Donaldson

LGB Staff Governor

Lisa is the staff Governor for the Heath Lane Academy.