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English and MFL Department Vision

Welcome to Heath Lane’s English and Languages Faculty homepage! Here you will find a wealth of information to support you – whether you are a pupil, parent or carer. 

At HLA we are committed to ensuring that pupils are successful and achieve during their time here, equipping pupils with the skills they will need to help them prepare for life beyond HLA. This is certainly true within both the English and MFL Department. Within the English and Languages Faculty, pupils are provided with the opportunity to develop and enhance their communication skills, whether this is through reading, writing, speaking or listening. These skills are at the heart of pupils’ learning in both English and MFL. In English, we also seek to provide pupils with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the world around them, as they develop a wider cultural awareness and understanding. Through English, pupils are provided with the opportunity to study and develop their understanding and appreciation of a range of writers and texts from throughout time. Through MFL, pupils are provided with the opportunity to experience and learn another language, equipping pupils with an excellent life skill which will only support them in life beyond HLA, enhancing their future prospects even further. 

In the English and Languages Faculty, we have a strong and supportive team, who are consistently striving to get the best out of pupils at HLA. The faculty hosts six fully equipped teaching classrooms, as well as the Library, which is used both for Intervention and to support the newly implemented Accelerated Reader Programme – a programme designed and brought in to strengthen and develop pupils’ reading skills across the key stages. 

Whilst supporting and encouraging pupils to develop their skills and abilities in both English and MFL, we also are also committed to promoting an ethos of Independent Learning. This is something we aim to instil throughout KS3 and develop throughout Key Stages 4 and 5. It is our aim to ensure that your son / daughter has the best possible experience of English here at HLA and we urge you to talk regularly to your son/daughter about his/her progress in English/Languages. Together, we can ensure that all pupils here at HLA can achieve their full potential. Please do feel free to contact any member of the team should you ever have any questions, concerns or comments with regards to your son/daughter’s progress in English / Languages.



Director of Learning: Mrs P Curtis

Assistant Director of Learning: Mrs S Chapman

Teacher of English – Mrs C Farrell

Teacher of English – Miss K Beech

Teacher of English – Miss S Mussa

Teacher of English – Mrs A Knowles

Teacher of Spanish – Miss T Lampert

Teacher of French/Spanish – Mr J Collins

Teacher of Direct Instruction – Mrs K Flynn

Teacher of Direct Instruction – Mrs S Mitchell

Librarian and Lead for Accelerated Reader – Mrs S Fell

Gold Library Award

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