Dear Parent/Carer,

I am writing to let you know about a change to our detention system.

We know from experience that same-day detentions work because they break the cycle of behaviour, provide an opportunity for reflection and allow the pupil to have a next day fresh start.

Pupils who let themselves down and do an after school, same day detention are least likely to do it again - so we have found good success with this and it will carry on.

We have tried to accommodate lunch time detentions where some parents have asked for this; these are not as successful in changing behaviour of pupils.  Also, as we now begin the lunch time programme of Revision classes for Year 11, we are unable to continue staffing lunch detention.

In summary:

  • Same-day, after school detention will continue as normal for pupils who receive detentions Periods 1-3 (next day for Periods 4 and 5) and parents will be notified by text message.
  • Lunch time detentions will no longer happen - pupils will need to attend the after school detention as above.
  • If parents require additional/different notice about a detention, please let Pauline Harding know in writing and we will try to accommodate (for example, if you prefer a phone call to a text or if your child needs to reschedule a particular detention because of a doctor’s appointment).
  • Department of Education Statutory Guidance states that the academy ‘can impose a detention after school… and parental consent is not required.’ We feel however, it is good practice to get in touch with parents with a brief message about when it is and why a student has the detention, by text.

Thank you for your continuing support to ensure that all our pupils learn good manners, behave well and make us all proud of them.

Mark Trimingham



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