Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance Matters – Every Day Counts!

Excellent attendance is essential for your child to achieve their full potential.

Heath Lane Academy Attendance Target is for every student to achieve above 97% attendance.

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1.     Important Attendance Information
  a.     Attend to Achieve
  b.     Attendance Phases - Parent Information
  c.     Attendance Phases – Student Information

2.     Reporting Student Absence – contact school by 9am on 01455 845061
  a.     How to report an absence
  b.     Actions on school absence including Home Welfare Checks
  c.     Guidance on Illness - Parent Information

3.     Requesting Leave of Absence
  a.     Information and Exceptional Circumstances
  b.     Leave of Absence Request Form 
  c.     School calendar 

4.     Punctuality
  a.     Late to school – Parent and Student information

5.     Attendance Policy

6.     Leicestershire County Council Pupil Services - Attendance Code of Conduct including Penalty Notice and Prosecution

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